Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yesterday's Checkup

So yesterday I had my first "official" OB appt at my new office. It was not with Dr. S but with Dr. J who is new to the practice. Fine with me since if I stay with them (that's another post) then I'd like to see them all more than once before delivery. This appt was a general "congrats, you're preggers and here is everything we want you to know" plus a physical and pap. Oh! And I got to hear baby's heartbeat over the doppler! Dr. J said my first round of bloodwork came back fine, and I had draws done for part 2 of the serum integrated test and toxoplasmosis (which I've never had since other docs haven't seemed concerned). Fingers crossed the tests come back normal! Dr. J also confirmed that the cysts look much better. She is not too concerned about them, and thinks that they will probably continue to shrink, though the tech will get images again at the next u/s. Which is the anatomy scan. Which is now less than 3 weeks away- eeek! As for baby, Dr. J was kind of vague, saying that everything looked okay but that the anatomy scan is the big one, and we'll find out then if there are any concerns. She mostly just reiterated that last Friday's u/s was to look at the cysts... She did however say that there were no images of the hematoma so assumes it is no longer there. So why did the tech ask me if I've had bleeding?!?!?! Deeeeeeep breaths. I'll just have to keep my anxiety down until the big u/s May 11th. Wish me luck with that!

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