Saturday, April 18, 2015

Couldn't Wait

After writing my last post I decided I couldn't wait until next Tuesday for my u/s. It was less than a week away, but it felt too long. I was having too many anxious moments and tears over the possibility of another miscarriage, so I called on Wednesday and changed it to yesterday (Friday). Luckily I got in, unluckily there was no doc to talk to me after the u/s (since it was 4pm on a Friday), so I won't know if there were any red flags noted. The tech did say that my R ovary looks MUCH better (which I could tell myself from the images), and confirmed that there is a posterior placenta. However, she did ask me "hmm, are you having any bleeding?" To which I said "No. I know there's a hematoma but it I haven't seen any evidence of it lately" since it has been weeks since any brown spotting. She said nothing after that, just silence. Ugh. Here is why I hate this question: she couldn't have told me if something was wrong anyhow!! I'm hoping it was just her wondering if the hematoma was acting up, but of course I'm left trying to figure out why she would ask me that question!! Is the hematoma bigger? Is the placenta low-lying? Some other terrible circumstance that I get to wait on pins and needles to hear about? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyhow, baby was curled up pretty cozy, but I saw the heart beating right away and he/she moved a little bit. At least I remember his/her arm waving around a bit. The tech took a couple of heart ratings, I don't know why she took so many. The first was 170bpm, another 161bpm and the one she printed for me says 153bpm... Good rates I think, I just don't like that she had to check it so much. There was also a large mass that she seemed to have to maneuver around. It wasn't black so I'm pretty sure it wasn't the hematoma, but I'm not positive it was the placenta since I'm not that u/s savvy. I'm just going to hope it was the placenta and all looked good, though I won't know for sure until my appt with the doc on Tuesday. Fingers crossed...


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