Saturday, August 27, 2016

One Year Later!

Hi there! Funny how I finally got around to updating this blog almost exactly one year after my last post. I guess my procrastination worked out ironically this time :)

First and foremost, our beautiful baby girl arrived on October 5th! Exactly the day I was hoping for because this makes the girls precisely 5 years and 5 months apart- so fun. Labor (15 hours!) and delivery (natural!) went well, and Everly Jane arrived weighing 8lbs 5oz, and just shy of 20in long. She had lots of dark hair like Ally, and in fact she looked nearly identical to her sister at birth :) We all fell in love with her immediately. Overall Ally has just been the best big sister, and they each think the other is the best thing since sliced bread! 

E has been a fantastic baby, I honestly can't believe she will be 11 months next week. I thought time sped up when Ally was born, but wow, it now goes by at lightening speed! It's mind boggling that E's first birthday is fast approaching. It is so bittersweet watching her change & grow, I'm trying to soak up all of her babyhood. We've settled into being a family of four, and feel that after all we have been through that our journey is complete- J got the big snip-snip in June. So odd after all those years of trying, to finally lay all of it aside. We are so, so thankful for our girls... there aren't even words to describe it...

I know no one really reads this blog, but for those few who stopped by and supported me through the craziness- thank you so much!! Infertility is definitely not a club people willingly join, but is made ever so slightly easier in knowing that you're not completely alone. I will keep the blog up in case someone stumbles upon it and can glean something from our story. 

Our path to parenthood was certainly not what we expected it would be- but we got here, finally, after all of the hoping and wishing and waiting... xo, A

1 week old

46 weeks old ;-P


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