Friday, August 28, 2015

34 Weeks!

So I've been meaning to stop by this space and just say everything is looking good, but time has seriously flown by these last 2 months! I can hardly believe we are 34 weeks along today. It still seems surreal, oddly. Baby is still moving like crazy, and it took me forever to realize why I feel so much more with her than I did with Ally. Duh, Ally's placenta was anterior and it really did buffer way more than I realized. Now that I have someone to compare her to, I feel and see so much more movement from this babe. It's awesome! Part of the reason I have "just kept swimming" throughout this pregnancy is because J had been away since April 1st, and I've been solo parenting and having to deal with my crazy all by myself. Thankfully he is home safe now! Ally is very happy her playmate is home too :)
The crib and dresser have been delivered and set up, but there is still a TON to do before she arrives! Just about 6-7 weeks to go, eeek! Here's the latest belly pics, already two weeks ago, wow!

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