Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Made it Until Tuesday

I was able to hold out until yesterday to get my blood draw. I was hoping for a beta around 1400- that would have been doubling every 48 hours, with a few extra hours wiggle :) Well, Dr. S called today and told me it was at 2600 (22dpo)- wow! He is going to let me go in next Wednesday even though I'll only be a bit over 6 weeks at that point- there is no way I can wait until I'm 8+ weeks like a "normal" person. I need assurance that it is not ectopic, and would love to see at least a flicker of a heart by then... fingers still crossed.
I would love to be excited and optimistic about this one, but I'm just not there yet. Hopefully after next week's appointment I can let some of those positive feelings into my consciousness. Until then, I'm happy but super reserved. In some ways it just doesn't feel real yet.

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