Saturday, September 29, 2012


BFN this morn at 14dpo, and my period started a few hours ago. I was a little hopeful, but not much so I'm not surprised. This does however mean definitely no baby next year, and most likely not until mid-2014 at the earliest. Ally will be 4 by then. I had hoped my children would be closer in age, but you can't always get what you want, and at this point I would just like another. I love Ally to bits, but I want more kids and I want her to have siblings.


Lottie Lee said...

DH & I recently *seriously* started TTC, even though I went off the Pill at the beginning of the year. However, with all of DH's trips to the field (my husband is military I assume yours is too since you mention deployments!) I guess the timing hasn't been right!

The waiting is stressful :(

You're blessed to have a little girl thus far! I'm sorry to hear of your misfortunes.

I look forward to reading your blog more and have bookmarked it!

Best of luck to you and your family! I'm sure your baby #2 will come soon enough :)

Best Wishes,
Lottie Lee

AP said...

Thank you Lottie Lee! Yes, my DH is army, but gone for the next 8+ months so the blog might not get a lot of action :)

The waiting is stressful, and even more so when you have to work around deployments and trainings- I feel you there! Time is a precious commodity as a military family!

Best of luck to you!!